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    Terms of Conditions:

    1. Minimum 24 hour notice required for cancellation. Late cancellation will cost $100. Cancellation notification to be sent via text to (780) 904-4648

    2. Students must have a valid license with them during the lessons. A photocopy or picture will not be acceptable. A $100 fine shall be applicable if the student does not have a valid license with them.

    3. Student is liable for any traffic violations during training.

    4. Full payment is required prior to any training. Payment can be made via: e-transfer, money draft, certified check or cash.

    5. Training programs must be completed within 3 months from registration.

    6. If the student wants to terminate the driving package, the student will only be charged for the completed hours. The remainder will be refunded.

    7. Online classes must be successfully completed prior to booking in-vehicle lessons.

    8. If the certificate of completion is lost by the student within 2 years from registration, a duplicate copy shall be provided at a cost of $50+GST.

    9. The certificate of completion should be scanned and saved on your personal computer to avoid losing it. There is a fee of $50 applied for re-sending a certificate.

    10. There are no guarantees that the student will be successful in their exams after training.

    Enter your name in full to confirm that you accept these terms. If you are under 18, than your parent or guardian must see these terms and put their name below